A Small Makeover & Year-End Reminders

Things look a little bit different around here don’t they?

After more than 45 years, we decided to refresh our logo. The old one served us very well, but it was time for us to freshen it up a bit.

It will take a little time to update all of our other materials that carry our logo, but like a lot of things these days, the website was the first place we could easily make the change. You will see it carry through to our Facebook Page, LinkedIn Page and even our mostly dormant Twitter and Instagram accounts in the next week or so.

Nothing else has changed about us, of course. We hope you like our new look!

Year-End Reminders:

As noted on the home page, we are deep into tax planning mode on the schedule. If you feel you could benefit from some year-end tax planning, be sure to call in and book an appointment today! We look forward to helping you all get set for 2022!