What to Expect – Pandemic Edition

So you have scheduled your tax appointment with us…welcome! We are thrilled to work with you!

Now what?

Well – here’s a guide on how we work and what to expect while working with us. If you have any questions at any time, you are always welcome to give us a call or email our reception desk for assistance. We will do our best to make this process as easy as possible.

Gathering your information:

  • What will you need available for your appointment? Visit our Documents/Info needed page for a general list of what will be needed.
  • Visit our Client Center page for our proprietary organizational forms, including our yearly engagement letters and Tax Questionnaire. All clients should take a look at the “Client Packet” in the Client Center, as many of the documents are necessary for your appointment (like our yearly Engagement Letter).

Getting your information to us:

  • All documents (or as much information as you have available) must be submitted to us no later than one week before your appointment.
  • Use your Secure Drawer account to upload scanned copies of your documents and filled out forms. You can call our office if you don’t have an account set up yet.
  • You can also mail copies of your documents directly to our office.
  • You are welcome to drop your documents off at our office. For more information, please see our Safety Protocols – 2021.

Time for your appointment!

  • We will confirm your appointment with you approximately two weeks in advance.
  • We will send you the link to your virtual meeting/confirm the date/time of your phone call.
  • Using the material we received in advance of your appointment, your tax preparer will go through your tax return and ask clarifying questions, as well as discuss any tax issues/credits, etc.

Completing your Homework List:

  • At the conclusion of your tax appointment, most clients receive what we lovingly call a “homework list” via email.
  • This is a list of documents/questions relating to what was discussed at your tax appointment.
  • You’ll need to provide documents or answers to these questions so that we can complete your tax return.
  • The sooner you get us these answers or documents – the sooner we can finish your return!

When your return is finished…:

  • We will send an email to you as soon as your tax return is complete.
  • You’ll then give us a call so we can go over the bottom line (whether or not you owe) and let you know what your tax preparation fee is.
  • We will email you an invoice to pay your tax preparation fees online.
  • We will then send DocuSign emails so you can sign your tax returns, authorizing us to e-file for you.