UPDATE: March 21, 2020:
Filing deadline change and State of California Lock Down

Dear Clients,

This is an update to our previous statement on the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

In accordance with the shelter in place order first established by the Santa Clara County Health Department on March 16th, and the order issued by California Governor Newsom on March 19, 2020, we continue to meet with with clients via phone and video conference only and remain closed to the public.

Accounting falls under “essential services”, and we are continuing to serve clients while keeping our staff safe with a combination of extremely staggered schedules and work-from-home where possible. Due to these measures, our ability to process material for tax returns continues, but at a slower pace than our normal operations due to the schedule and challenges during the current lock down.

On Friday, March 20, 2020 – the IRS extended the filing deadline, a welcome development. The deadline for filing your tax return is now July 15, 2020. Payments for amounts owed is also delayed until July 15, 2020. The State of California had previously extended the filing deadline, and is now implementing the same July 15th deadline issued by the IRS.

The situation continues to be unpredictable, and there are more questions than there are answers at the moment. We continue to monitor the situation closely, both on a local level and on a legislative level. We will update everyone as things evolve and become more clear over the next weeks and months.

For appointments going forward for the foreseeable future:

  • If you have a phone or video conference appointment already scheduled – you are all set! Simply contact us at your appointed time and we will take care of it.
  • If you have an in-person appointment, you can keep the date and time of your appointment and simply call into our office for a phone appointment or do a video conference with us instead.
  • We will continue to confirm appointments as they come up on the calendar.

Next Steps:

  • We would ordinarily ask that people send us information in advance of any phone appointment – given the extraordinary circumstances, that will not be required.
  • All phone appointments will therefore be much shorter than normal appointments.
  • If you choose to provide some information to us in advance, that is fine. You are welcome to do so through your Secure Drawer account (if you have one), or by emailing it to reception@rdstax.com.


  • There is minimal information needed to file an extension, and we will guide you through that when we conduct our phone appointment with you.
  • We are waiving the cost of filing any extension if we are the firm that completes your tax return.

For further information on the outbreak on a local level, we have a section on our blog with up-to-date information from sources we have found to be the most helpful. You can find that post by clicking here.

Our primary concern remains keeping you, our staff and our community as safe as possible during this outbreak. We encourage you all to continue to abide by guidelines set by the Santa Clara County Health Department, the State of California Health Department, the WHO and the CDC. Practice social distancing (six feet or more between people), self-isolation or quarantine, wash your hands frequently, and work from home as much as possible.

We are humbled and grateful for the outpouring of understanding and support from everyone, and we will continue to do our level best to process your tax returns and answer questions in the meantime. Please take care of yourselves and your families!

The Staff of RD’s Tax Strategies

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