Documents needed for tax prep/tax planning appts.

What documents/info is needed for your Tax Preparation Appointment?

Below is a list of documents one would typically have to bring with them to a tax preparation appointment.  Not all of the below items will apply to every client.  Concern yourself with only the items which are applicable to your unique financial situation.

  1. Filled out Tax Organizer (either E-Organizer or Paper Organizer) furnished by RD’s Tax.
  2. Copy of most recent tax returns (applies to New Tax Clients ONLY)
  3. Filled out Tax Questionnaire – this applies to ALL clients
  4. W-2 Forms
  5. All 1099s
  6. Stock Option Exercise Reports
  7. Year-End Brokerage Account Summaries/Statements
  8. All K-1s
  9. All 1098s – Mortgage Interest Statements
  10. Closing Statements for new Real Estate Transactions
  11. Any/All Correspondence from the IRS
  12. Any other supporting documents pertaining to your return 

What documents/info is needed for your Tax Planning Appointment?

Below is a small list of items that you would need to bring with you to a Tax Planning Appointment.  Again, not all of these items will apply to every client.  Tax Planning appointments are typically scheduled after Tax Season (after April 15th).

  1. Year-to-Date pay stub
  2. Copy of recent tax returns (New Clients ONLY)
  3. List of questions that you have about your financial situation and related documentation
  4. Stock Option reports
  5. Any relevant information pertaining to changes from previous years