Welcome to our new website!

After many years with the same website, we thought it was high time for a makeover – so welcome to the new space!

Features that you are already used to from our old website are still here – we still have the Client Center for all your tax appointment organization needs – but the biggest new thing is this blog!

We have, for many years, sent informational emails out to our clients and friends on a regular basis. While we will continue to do that, this blog will now serve as a place to find that information just in case you misplace those emails or you happen to not be signed up for that service that we offer.

All of the posts will be on this Blog page, and we will sunset content when it becomes outdated (tax laws do have a habit of changing). Over the next year, we expect to use this space to make announcements regarding our 45th Anniversary celebrations [baseball, anyone? :)].

We hope you enjoy the new space, and we are excited for this new chapter!