About that 45th Anniversary…

Clients, Colleagues and Friends,

As we are sure is clear…the event that we had scheduled with the San Jose Giants to celebrate our 45th Anniversary in business has been canceled for 2020.

While we are deeply disappointed that our event has been canceled, we feel strongly that it is the right thing to do in order to keep everyone safe.

We are grateful for our partnership with the San Jose Giants, and we will continue to work with them in the future. Our hope is that this event can be scheduled during the 2021 baseball season.

It has always been a pleasure and joy to work with the San Jose Giants, so we would like to let everyone know that they have a Front Lines Meal Fund to help support front line healthcare and emergency workers through the pandemic. More information can be found on their website, so please do check it out. 

In the meantime, we would just like to say that this celebration was not just for us but for you – all of our clients, colleagues and friends. The support we have received (and continue to receive) is not something we ever take for granted. We are always humbled and appreciative of the trust and confidence you all show us every day. Without you – especially now – we would not be where we are.

So thank you from the bottom of our hearts. We hope to host you all at a baseball game next year – where we can all celebrate together. 🙂


The RD’s Tax Strategies Staff